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Monday 21 May

  • Strata: Training 08:00

    Data delivers insight, efficiency, and business value.

    Strata Data Conference returns to London 21-24 May 2018. Expert speakers from around the world will share their compelling data case studies, proven best practices, effective new analytic approaches, and exceptional skills with an audience of data scientists, analysts, and executives. Topics we’ll explore include:

    1. Strata Business Summit
    2. Data science and machine learning
    3. Data engineering and architecture
    4. Streaming systems and real-time applications
    5. Big data and data science in the cloud
    6. Emerging technologies and case studies
    7. Visualization and user experience
    8. Platform security and cybersecurity
    9. Law, ethics, and governance
    10. Data-driven business management

    Strata is a unique opportunity to tap into the leading minds in technology and network with thousands of data scientists, engineers, analysts, and business managers. Join us at Strata 21-24 May at the ExCeL in London and turn algorithms into advantage. Take a look at the schedule and start making your plans today.


Data drives business transformation. Join us at Strata to turn algorithms into advantage.

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